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Couple and Relationship Couselling

Relationship counselling, couple counselling, marriage counselling and marital therapy are all terms to describe similar processes which can be used to help couples improve their relationship. All couples face challenges and stresses in their relationship from time to time.

Many of these difficulties can be resolved with patience, compassion and understanding. When the issues seem overwhelming, impossible to talk about or lead inevitably to unresolved conflict it may be time to call in a specialist relationship counsellor. Their role is to explore the issues with you, to identify the factors which may be preventing you from working through the problem and to develop with you, more appropriate ways of dealing with it. Don’t leave it too long hoping it will resolve itself. Go to couples counselling sooner rather than wait until you are dealing with an entrenched pattern of behaviour. Marriage counselling early in a relationship can help establish the foundations for lifelong happiness.

Why us

At Thinking Families 80% of the couples we see for couples counselling report an improved relationship at the end of counselling. We have very experienced couples therapists using well researched and tested techniques designed to help couples communicate more effectively and build stronger, more loving and lasting relationships. If you want to be one of the 54% of couples who don’t get divorced then contact us today to discuss whether relationship counselling is the best way to help you.