Helping you meet life's challenges

Who we are

Thinking Families is a boutique psychology and counselling centre, established in 2005 by Clinical Psychologist Mary McGrath and Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist Glenn Munt.  At Thinking Families we are dedicated to provide individualized services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 

Our small team of experienced therapists take the time to understand your individual story and your individual needs. Our family therapy backgrounds ensure that therapy includes the individual and the contexts in which you live, takes note of where you’ve come from, and what’s most important to you.  Our clinical backgrounds allow us to draw on a variety of evidenced based therapies, along with the wisdom which only comes from years of experience.  

We listen, we care, and we have the expertise to help you meet life’s challenges


Who we help

Skilled help is available for a range of child, adolescent and adult problems including -

Depression, post natal depression, grief and simply feeling lost

Anxiety in children, adolescents and adults using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness based approaches

Eating disorders in adolescence using Family Based Therapy (Maudsley Model)

Life transitions - separation, divorce, co-parenting

Family, peer or workplace relationships

Couple counselling using Emotion Focussed Couple Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Couples Therapy

Intellectual and individual achievement testing for children and teens using WISC and WIAT.






Glenn Munt

Director, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker & Family Therapist

Glenn is an experienced mental health Social Worker and Family Therapist who is skilled in a range of evidence based therapies for work with individuals, couples and families. He has a particular interest in working with adolescents with eating disorders and their families and the use of family based treatments for adolescent depression and self harm. With five children he has first hand experience of the joys and challenges of family life. 




Mary McGrath

Director, Clinical Psychologist.

 Mary McGrath is a Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist with over 25 years experience.  She has the confidence, skill and knowledge to work with all age groups.  She is a warm, friendly and relaxed therapist who is very adept in engaging and working with children and adolescents, while relating easily to their parents.  She is also passionate about supporting women presenting for support and therapy including those presenting with anxiety, depression (including postnatal depression), relationship, parenting issues, and stress management.  As a mother of 2 teenagers, she is well aware of the hectic pace of family life and the expected and unexpected stressors which pop up within the multiple contexts in which we live.   In her work, Mary combines her understanding of human development, relationships, mental health, and evidenced based therapies with her considerable professional and personal experience.  She is committed to listen compassionately, to understand you story, and to provide individualized approaches to help you, your children and your family meet life’s challenges.





Our Values

At Thinking Families, our values guide what we do, how we work and who we are.

Respect, Compassion and a Positive Attitude

for each other and our clients.

Acknowledge the Uniqueness of the Individual Client, Couple or Family

develop interventions tailored to the client's needs